AI-Powered Grant Writing: Exclusive One-on-One Consulting

Supercharge your grant writing skills with our private, hands-on consulting service. Guided by seasoned professionals, you will be personally walked through the application of AI in your grant proposal creation, providing you with the toolset to transform your grant writing process.


Micah Berkley

AI Implementation Expert

Shah” Saint-Cyr

Chief Marketing Officer

Samuel Jean

CEO/Brand Consultant Group

Our Service to You

We’re offering an exclusive, 3-hour consultation where we work directly with you on your grant proposal. In this intensive, one-on-one session, we’ll customize AI tools to produce the specific outputs needed for your grant application, transforming the laborious grant writing process into a streamlined, efficient task.

The Value

With our guidance, we’re offering more than just technical instruction – we’re providing a revolution in efficiency. Imagine having the power to shave days, if not weeks, off your grant writing process. We make this dream a reality by equipping you with the skills to utilize AI to its fullest potential, leading to quicker submissions and a competitive edge.

Guys I have to admit one-on-one consultation was a game changer. Not only was I able to complete my current grant application in record time, but I also walked away with skills that will streamline every future grant proposal.​

Revolutionize Your Grant Writing with AI

Our service offers personalized sessions, ensuring we address your unique needs and challenges. With our experts by your side, grant writing will no longer be a dreaded task. Instead, it will become a smooth and streamlined process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your mission and impact.

What We Deliver For you

During this consultation, we’ll guide you in mastering several aspects of grant writing using AI:

We’ll collaborate to utilize AI to generate captivating narratives and abstracts for your specific grant application, ensuring a compelling start to your proposal.

ou’ll learn to harness AI’s power to identify and articulate compelling statements of need, significantly amplifying the persuasive power of your proposal.

We will guide you to leverage AI research tools to seamlessly integrate evidence-based practices into your proposals, enhancing their credibility and depth.

Utilizing AI, we will craft compelling narratives that effectively highlight staff qualifications and organizational experience, boosting your proposal’s overall strength.

Learn how to automate data collection and streamline performance assessments with AI tools, enhancing efficiency and accuracy across all your grant applications.

We’ll show you how to employ AI to generate clear and detailed abstracts, budgets, and budget narratives for your grant, ensuring financial transparency and trustworthiness.

With these deliverables, not only will you be able to expedite your current grant proposal but you’ll also acquire a skill set that will benefit all your future grant writing endeavours.

Are You Ready?

Ready to transform your grant writing process? Book your exclusive one-on-one consultation now. We're here to guide you through every step, helping you master the art of AI-powered grant writing.

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